Have you designed, written or tested your book or game and are ready to submit it to a publisher for review? Great!

We are looking for original concepts to publish. Here’s what you need to know before submitting your project to us.


1. Send us an email that describes your concept (creative at helvetiq dot ch). 

For book submissions, please send us a few pages of the manuscript, and for game submissions a video or a PDF that explains the rules and gameplay. A link to the game on an online arena is also an option.
Please check our programme carefully before you send your submissions and ask yourself if your project might be a good fit for us.
Please consider that we also have a unique illustration and design style.
We prefer to review projects that are not under review elsewhere, but can accept this in exceptional cases that you can explain in your email. Your description should be as factual as possible.

2. If we are interested, we will ask to see the full manuscript or prototype. You can send us the manuscript by email and the prototype by mail. Please mind that we usually do not send back prototypes. If you would like to have your prototype returned, please include a stamped envelope or parcel. It is also possible to pick up the prototype at a game fair at our stand.

3. We get a lot of submissions. It usually takes us 2 to 6 months before we can give you feedback.