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5 special breweries
Posted By Eleni Karametaxas
8/2/2017 3:25 AM
Tomorrow is the International Beer Day and a quick look at our titles tells you that we at HELVETIQ are great beer lovers. We took today as an opportunity to look at extraordinary and perhaps a bit quirky breweries around the world. Some of these breweries would definitely be great for...
The art of brainstorming
Posted By Olivia Chudik
7/5/2017 5:44 AM
Monday 29th of May was an iconic day, announcing a week full of surprises. The Helvetiq team got ready by driving towards the Vosges in France for a 48h team building. Ready to play with us?...
Christoph Niemann Exhibition
Posted By emma brennan
6/14/2017 3:41 AM
Murakami's Beautiful Book Covers
Posted By emma brennan
6/13/2017 8:26 AM
A Game with 500 Years of History
Posted By emma brennan
6/13/2017 12:46 AM
Posted By Margot Delévaux
3/31/2017 5:52 AM
PORTRAIT : Salomé Kiner
Posted By Margot Delevaux
9/22/2016 2:41 AM