Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for a corporate gift? Sometimes a simple act of generosity can motivate employees and lead to more loyal customers. We provide you with a differentiated and playful way to transmit your message.

Pick one of our best-sellers and personalize it with a sleeve, a sticker or a note card inside the title.

Contact us for a quote and ask us about special volume pricing: +41 78 712 77 29.

Custom Design

Our creativity at your service.

We brainstorm ideas for the best book or game concept to reach your objective. Then, we refine, test and go all the way to production and delivery.

Contact us for a meeting: : +41 78 712 77 29.

Case: RTS

In 2016, RTS (Swiss Radio and Television) trusted us with the development and production of a game presenting stories and facts from its rich history and present.