7 Ways to Get your Kids into Tabletop Games
28.08.2017 | By Hadi Barkat
1. First of all, you have to play with your partner and friends Let me tell you a childhood story. My dad used to play cards with his pals. They would gather for dinner and then start multiple games. Every now and then, when it wasn’t too late, I could stay and watch them a bit. That experience played an important part in my gaming education. And once I was in bed, they pulled out their cigars and all, but I wasn’t supposed to see that. Ha ha!   2. Tell your kids you want to teach them a new game Kids not only love to...
A Game with 500 Years of History
13.06.2017 | By emma brennan
Board games have a special power in both responding to current events and physicalizing the culture that created the game. Games have also been used to teach children about social structure. In the 20th century, some games were used to teach children about Kings,...

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