Songs You Should (or Could) Listen While Playing Games
08.07.2020 | By Madlaina Bundi
Summer time is game time. But what’s a fun game without the appropriate music? Here are some suggestions from the Helvetiq team: songs you should definitely listen to while playing the games - and the dangers that come with them. Kariba - for hot days at the pool In this smart card game the animals of the savanna are looking for water. Who will reach the water hole first in the hot African sun? In order to win the most cards possible, you have to be smart and fast. For the “Kariba” speed up we recommend: Madlaina: J....
5 reasons why you should play games in confinement
01.04.2020 | By Madlaina Bundi
  The longer we sit at home because of Corona, the more we feel trapped in our own four walls. Games provide relief for five reasons. To make it as vivid as possible, we supplement each aspect with a sample from our publishing house. 1. Games set free...

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