Murakami's Beautiful Book Covers
13.06.2017 | By emma brennan
Meet the mind of contemporary author Haruki Murakami. Where elephant factories, dancing dwarfs, and little green monsters roam with menacing frogs. The fantastically surreal world of Murakami pairs beautifully with his countless book covers. Each story is intriguing, and the book covers allow us to understand the story in a new way through its visual representation. Because the front image gives you the first impression of the book, it’s crucial that the images work to draw in the viewer. Murakami was born in Kyoto, Japan, in...
10 books covers we love
31.03.2017 | By Margot Delévaux
Why to buy a book ?   Because a friend recommanded it. Because you have to entertain yourself in the train. Because you need to fill your new Ikea library. Because you’ve read a lyrical review (and you are very...

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