Ting! : the interview of the authors
09.09.2020 | By Manon Clémençon
  On the occasion of the publication of the book Ting! How Marketing seduces the world (available in French and German) we met the authors, Cary Steinmann, Laura Simon and Elīna Brasliņa to ask them some questions. The interview  Why a children's book about marketing?  Cary & Laura: Marketing seduces the world, always and everywhere. Marketing is not just "selling", marketing is a powerful motivation and manipulation machine that dominates us. Politics, media, culture, sports, education,...
Bake a good luck charm with a recipe from food blogger Heddi Nieuwsma
07.04.2020 | By Madlaina Bundi
  In these days we all need a good portion of luck in addition to the necessary distance. The Agathabrötli, which according to popular custom protected from fire and were also considered beneficial for the sick, are actually served on February 5th. Why...

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