"Mum, what is artificial intelligence?"
12.10.2020 | By barbara weus
So much jargon, so little time «Mum! What does big data mean?» your child calls out while pointing at a poster in the streets. Beads of sweat start forming on your forehead as you search for a convincing answer. Nothing comes to mind. However, you’ve been noticing for some time now, that these words have been making headlines and that the smart people talk about them on the internet. You tried to understand it but were discouraged by the jargon of terms such as big data, artificial intelligence or machine learning. With...
Ting! : the interview of the authors
09.09.2020 | By Manon Clémençon
  On the occasion of the publication of the book Ting! How Marketing seduces the world (available in French and German) we met the authors, Cary Steinmann, Laura Simon and Elīna Brasliņa to ask them some questions. The...
Bake a good luck charm with a recipe from food blogger Heddi Nieuwsma
07.04.2020 | By Madlaina Bundi
  In these days we all need a good portion of luck in addition to the necessary distance. The Agathabrötli, which according to popular custom protected from fire and were also considered beneficial for the sick, are actually served on February 5th. Why...

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