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5 special breweries
By Eleni Karametaxas 8/2/2017 3:25 AM

Tomorrow is the International Beer Day and a quick look at our titles tells you that we at Helvetiq are great beer lovers. We took today as an opportunity to look at extraordinary and perhaps a bit quirky breweries around the world. Some of these breweries would definitely be great for beerhiking, others not so much… Let’s go!


  1. The White House, Washington, D.C., USA
Yes. The White House brews its own beer. President Obama started with the White House Honey Ale in 2011. Later the range was broadened with the White House Honey Porter and the White House Honey Brown. The honey for the beer is harvested from beehives in the White House Garden. Curious what a Honey Ale tastes like? Here is the recipe, courtesy of Barack Obama: here.
 Photo: blog denverpost
  1. Vulkan brewery, Mendig, Germany
The Vulkan brewery owns probably the deepest beer cellar in the world, 30 meters or 153 steps below ground level. About 200’000 years ago a volcanic eruption created this natural rock-cut cellar. In medieval times it was used for basalt mining. From the 19th century onwards it served as a storage cellar for several breweries. Today the Vulkan brewery stores in this extraordinary vault its Bourbon-Doppelbock in wooden barrels. This way the beer gets its unique taste.
  1. Church Brew Work, Pittsburgh PA, USA
The brewpub was founded in 1996 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is located in a Roman Catholic church. The St. John the Baptist Church was built in 1902 and was active until 1993. The brewery already won several awards. The names of the beers range from Pious Monk Dunkel to Pipe Organ Pale Ale.
Photo: infinitelegroom
  1. Pausa Café/prison La Felicina, Saluzzo, Italy
Several breweries are located in former jailhouses. But the brewery in the prison La Felicina in the Italian town of Saluzzo is unique. The prison is still active and a few selected inmates are learning to brew Belgian-style beer here using local ingredients. The prison brewery was founded by a private initiative. Today the beer is sold all over Italy and even exported. 
 Photo: Pausa Café
  1. Weihenstephan, Munich, Germany
The oldest brewery of the world is located north of Munich. The Monastery brewery officially started brewing in 1040. Today the Bavarian State Brewery produces over 15 different beers and trains master brewers that come from around the world to learn the trade in this historic brewery.
 Photo: Weihenstephan