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Murakami's Beautiful Book Covers
By emma brennan 6/13/2017 8:26 AM

Meet the mind of contemporary author Haruki Murakami. Where elephant factories, dancing dwarfs, and little green monsters roam with menacing frogs. The fantastically surreal world of Murakami pairs beautifully with his countless book covers. Each story is intriguing, and the book covers allow us to understand the story in a new way through its visual representation. Because the front image gives you the first impression of the book, it’s crucial that the images work to draw in the viewer.

Murakami was born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1949. He grew up in Kobe and then moved to Tokyo, where he attended Waseda University. After college, Murakami opened a small jazz bar with his wife. He was inspired to become an author after he attended a baseball game at Jingu Stadium in 1978. When Dave Hilton, an American, came to bat, was the instant of inspiration. The player hit a double and Murakami suddenly realized that he could write a novel. He went home and began writing that night. From there, Murakami went on to write countless fiction and nonfiction novels that gained many local and internationally recognized literary honors. His work has been translated into over fifty languages. Murakami has also created music playlists for each of his stories while fans have created an interactive application that introduces one of his books.

The designers of the book covers were interviewed to see their process and experience designing Murakami’s covers. In order to avoid any stereotyping while addressing traditional Japanese culture, the designers used older pieces of art as collage elements to help give the covers more nostalgia. Each book strives to be original while modeling the story inside.

Enjoy just a few of Murakami’s beautifully designed book covers!















Images courtesy of Haruki Murakami