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12.10.2020 By barbara weus
"Mum, what is artificial intelligence?"

So much jargon, so little time

«Mum! What does big data mean?» your child calls out while pointing at a poster in the streets. Beads of sweat start forming on your forehead as you search for a convincing answer. Nothing comes to mind. However, you’ve been noticing for some time now, that these words have been making headlines and that the smart people talk about them on the internet. You tried to understand it but were discouraged by the jargon of terms such as big data, artificial intelligence or machine learning. With Alice and the Mysteries of the Future, you will find illustrated and playful answers to your own and your child’s questions!

It is never too early to strenghthen your mind

Because it is never too early to learn something new and because no subject is too complex for children, a year ago we began publishing illustrated children’s non-fiction. After Alice’s Dream, which dealt with the question of how a brain functions and Ting! which explained marketing, we are now happy to complete our collection with Alice and the Mysteries of the Future.

Learning through simple stories and nice illustrations

Everything began when Alice an her family welcome the robot Babs into their home. Alice asks a few questions: How does Babs recognize the family members? Why can’t she climb stairs? Fortunately, her uncle Mati, arrives to giver her some explanations. With elements based on everyday life, Alice’s insatiable curiosity, and the help of simple examples, she’s able to understand how artificial intelligence functions: a server is like a vault, an algorithm is like a recipe and machines learn from mistakes just like we do. Written by Ryszard Tadeusiewicz and Maria Mazurek and illustrated by Marcin Wierzchowski, Alice and the Mysteries of the Future asks fundamental questions about our relationship with new technologies: Why do we need to protect our data? What will a world with highly developed artificial intelligence look like? So many debates which we haven’t yet heard the last of. And while the book teaches us all about the world of machines, it doesn’t forget the most important thing: celebrating our humanity. 

Both Alice's Dream or how the brain works and Alice and the mysteries of the future are available in French and German:


Le rêve d'Alice ou comment le cerveau fonctionne


Alice et les mystères du futur, ou comment l’intelligence artificielle fonctionne


Avas Traum oder Wie das Gehirn funktioniert

Ava im Land der Zukunft oder Wie künstliche Intelligenz funktioniert


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