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21.04.2020 By Alizée Dabert and Madlaina Bundi
Jigsaw Puzzles - The Ultimate Quarantine Hobby

A few weeks ago, most puzzlers were hiding, and keeping their passion secret. You would have never guessed that your cute neighbor was a fan and collector of 1500-piece jigsaw of the most beautiful Scottish landscapes! And a few weeks ago, you had no idea that so many cats or pets jigsaw puzzles were out there…

At the beginning of the month, Toynews was letting us know that games and puzzles sales had grown 240 % in the UK, as families were turning to classic games during COVID-19 lockdown. 

Later this month, Amie Tsang from the New York Times, called jigsaw puzzles «a tool to save humanity». 

Did you know that Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, even referred to jigsaws as essential, and allowed people to leave the house to buy them?

Children, teenagers, adults… everybody is making jigsaw puzzles these days.

But where do jigsaw puzzles come from? The first puzzles were invented by the Londoner John Spilsbury. In the 1760s, he had the idea to paste maps on wood, and sell them as educational toys to learn geography. Puzzles for adults appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and were very popular during the Great Depression. 

Today, you can find jigsaw puzzles made of wood, cardboard or plastic. You can also find 3D puzzles representing real monuments or… the ones you have seen only on the screen!


Castle of Winterfell -  Game of Thrones 3d puzzles from the HBO series

According to the Guiness World records, the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles consists of 1,047 different sets, and was achieved by Luiza Figueiredo (Brazil) on July 9th 2017.

For fun, we have prepared a little selection of the most incredible puzzles we found:


Night - by Printworks


 Infinite Galaxy by Nervous System


Gradient - by Cloudberries

At Helvetiq, we started making puzzles in 2015!

Our first MyPuzzle Cities were Geneva, Zürich, London, Paris and New York City. Today, more cities have been added to the collection.

Would you like to see where they come from? They are made in the Netherlands. See right here:

And now it's time to play! Can you find out from which Swiss City puzzle this picture is from?


Send us the correct answer by April 26 2020 at and take part in the raffle for a copy. 


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