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09.11.2017 By Hadi Barkat
Helvetiq: Born in the USA

Helvetiq: Born in the USA


Very few people know that Helvetiq was born in the USA.

Our very first game, launched in 2008, is about Switzerland. Hadi’s citizenship procedure to become Swiss inspired it. However, he lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts at time of publication and up until December 2012.


M reading in Harvard Yard

[That’s Hadi’s daughter reading the paper and snacking on Edamame in Harvard Yard]


The whole story could have stopped with the first game just like most hobby projects do, but the Swiss game sold 15 000 copies in the first year. Working on games was fun and creative, two words Hadi enjoys even more than a delicious cappuccino. In 2010, he decided to drop everything else and focus on Helvetiq. There was no turning back after that.  


In the early years, the US market seemed too big to handle for an accidental business. We first worked with Chronicle Books for the making of NYCIQ and LondonIQ, two party games of questions and risk-taking. The games sold at the Guggenheim, giving us both a decent income and bragging rights, only to come back later with more.


NYCIQ Game Guggenheim 

[NYCIQ at the Guggenheim]


Last year, our games finally became widely available in the US via WA-based Toysmith. And after months of super hard work, we're ready to spread the news at last. Our team is thrilled. Our team is proud.


Among the games we’re bringing, there’s bringing are Bandido, a co-op game with the goal of preventing a prison break, and Roadkill, for a bit of (un)friendly competition. From alliances to traitors, games like Roadkill are sure to set the stage for a night of laughter and revenge. Each player owns a road. To win, keep the fewest roadkill or truck cards at the end of each round.

Our passion is to design playful experiences for casual gamers and design lovers. Expect us there. 



There are very few things that float our boat more than receiving photos of our games in the US. We received some them from Louisiana, NY, and MA. 

Now we want more, so we're launching a contest. Send us a photo on facebook or instagram (hashtag #helvetiqUSA).


SixStix Baton Rouge Louisiana  

[SixStix spotted in Louisiana]

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