Blog - Tatamokatsu: The Dice Game for Budding Samurai

21.09.2020 By Melanie Löw
Tatamokatsu: The Dice Game for Budding Samurai

Roughly ten minutes on hand, three dice ready and the confidence to shout «Tatamokatsu!» as if you spoke fluent Japanese. That’s all you need to feel like a samurai during this game.

The goal of the game? Be the one, at the end, who manages to keep all fingers. Every round, throw the dice and try to count your points as quickly as possible. Depending on the result, you’ll lose a finger, gain the usage of another finger or inflict constraints on your opponents. But stay vigilant! Sometimes you’ll have to shout «Tatamokatsu!», greet your opponents with a traditional «Hai!» or bang on the table to trigger a katana attack. In addition to teaching you mental arithmetic, this game also helps you develop agility, dexterity and even creativity: It is not easy to throw three dice only using your pinkie! With this game, there is no shortage of laughs, we put our hand to it. Another major advantage: its size! The length of this bright orange box does not exceed the length of your index finger (which we hope will come out of this game unharmed).

Tatamokatsu was created by Mektoub Studio, a collective consisting of four authors from Paris.

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