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Christoph Niemann Exhibition
By emma brennan 6/14/2017 3:41 AM

From May 6th - October 29, 2017 the Cartoonmuseum Basel is honoring inspirational artist Christoph Niemann with a solo exhibition. The selection includes over 120 original drawings, prints, adapted photographs and animations. Pieces range from quick-witted metaphors to VR storytelling. Niemann's work always has a quality that touches an extrememly personal and relatable idea. This shows Niemann's perceptive understanding and translation of cultural nuances and behavior.


Niemann's style is more minimalist with a sense of humor, letting viewers read between the lines to get the punchline. At the same time, expirimentation is what drives Niemann's creativity. Different techniques are expressed in many directions, including Lego Bricks, potato stamps, remade photographs, gummy bears, screwdrivers and computer animations.


The illustrator's clients have ranged from magazines like "The New Yorker", “Time”, “Wired” and “The New York Times Magazine”. Niemann has also collaborated with institutions and firms, such as the Museum of Modern Art, Google and Herman Miller. He writes and illustrates his own books for adults, including “Abstract City” and “Sunday Sketching”, which originated from a blog, and also conceives digital applications like the apps “Petting Zoo” and most recently “Chomp”.



Here is a link to Niemann's VR story and his 'Let it Dough' Series.


























Images courtesy of Christoph Niemann