Blog - The art of brainstorming

05.07.2017 By Olivia Chudik
The art of brainstorming

Monday 29th of May was an iconic day, announcing a week full of surprises. The Helvetiq team got ready by driving towards the Vosges in France for a 48h team building. Ready to play with us?



Everything started between two hills surrounded by the sun and the peaceful nature. Monday as we like them. We then discovered our home for two nights,  a beautiful wooden house with a 360° view on the top floor. It was time for Lucas to warm up the barbecue while we prepared the vegetables. Stomachs were rumbling. After feeding everyone, we opened our box full of surprises: the latest prototypes received. Divided in small groups, we traded peanuts against  carpets, built unbalanced buildings, saved animals, played with diamonds and used various techniques to win the game. After a good night of sleep (for some), paced by snoring (for others), we came back to our duty and brainstormed about Helvetiq’s development goals. 2pm, windows covered with red and yellow post-it, we took a break and swam in the Lake of the Crows. Some couldn’t wait for their revenge and we started playing, until the half moon told us to go to sleep. Wednesday morning, last brainstorm and last day before going back to Switzerland with bright ideas and a common vision.



Isn’t it the definition of working? Helping each other to learn better? Listen to teach better? Share to discover more? We opened up ourselves to others and to various projects. We strengthened our team spirit such as our global view as a publishing house. Some ideas are slightly hiding before they can be discovered. Getting our of our comfort zone, means learning from the unknown and discover its possibilities. We create books, games, that all start with an experience, a page turned or a dice rolled. In the Helvetiq team, it’s the work + pleasure formula that brings us great ideas!


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