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31.03.2017 By Margot Delévaux
10 books covers we love

Why to buy a book ?


  • Because a friend recommanded it.

  • Because you have to entertain yourself in the train.

  • Because you need to fill your new Ikea library.

  • Because you’ve read a lyrical review (and you are very impressionable). 

  • Because you want to have something to distract your Tinder date when you’re on the toilet.

  • Because you want to impress your parents.

  • Because technology is so much less romantic.

  • Because you create neo-trashy-baroque collages with the illustrations.

  • Because a friend has just published his first book (and he forced you to buy it).


Or simply because the book is a beautiful object itself.

So get your pupils ready, here are the top 10 book covers that inspire us



Cabins, Philip Jodidio, Taschen, illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi, 2014. 



Dancing with the Tiger, Lili Wright, Taschen, illustrations by Aitch, 2016. 


Novyi Lef, cover created by Alexandr Rodchenko, 1928. 


Cover illustrated by Kiyoshi Awazu, 1970's.  


Costumes, Caroline Laffon, illustrations by Joëlle Jolivet, 2013.



The Diary of a Nobody, Grossmith, Vintage Classics, 2010.


Troubled daughters, twisted wives, Sara Weinman, collage by Lynn Buckley


Les dîners de gala, surrealistic recipes created by Salvador Dalì, Taschen. 


Cachés dans la jungle, Peggy Nille, Actes Sud Junior.


The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, illustrations by Ray Morimura, 2011. 



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