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01.04.2020 By Madlaina Bundi
5 reasons why you should play games in confinement


The longer we sit at home because of Corona, the more we feel trapped in our own four walls. Games provide relief for five reasons. To make it as vivid as possible, we supplement each aspect with a sample from our publishing house.

1. Games set free emotions

A game consists largely of emotions. Do you remember how happy you were about a successful move or a perfect double six? But frustration also does you good: because it forces you to leave your comfort zone and look out for a creative solution. And if you have managed to surprise your fellow players with a clever word choice or a smart tactical move, then you know that this feeling can hardly be topped.

Kariba - a simple but tactical game that is fun for both children and adults. Since the situation is constantly changing, the players do not know who is winning until the end.

2. games strengthen the brain muscles

After several weeks at home, children become restless. Games relax the situation and create a change from routine homework. Some games are secretly full of math, others promote language skills. And every game is based on rules that need to be learned. Some games are simple, the pace makes the master. Others take time until you are really fit. It’s a whole world that’s there to enter, challenging the brain muscles in a variety of ways.

Hippo - a fun dice game in a small box format, which reminds us of warm summer days in the swimming pool. Almost in passing we train mental arithmetic.

And please: Games are not limited to families with school kids. “Seniors who engage in a mentally stimulating activity even in late life may decrease the risk of mild cognitive impairment”, as demonstrated by a scientific study published in 2017 by the University of Minnesota. Games are definitely one of these activities.

Auf die Würfel, fertig, Wort

Auf die Würfel, fertig, Wort! - a quick word search game where you have to match the letters. The rules are so simple that you can start right away. But watch out: The word must be in the game within 30 seconds. An entertaining puzzle game for adults. With a limited choice of topics, however, the age limit can easily be lowered. Because the word search is fun for school children too!

3. games reduce stress

We do not know how long the crisis-related exceptional situation will continue. But we do know that the situation is causing stress for many people. It is good to draw our attention to other things in between, but it is not so easy. A game is very helpful here, because it is controlled by specific rules and needs and is limited in time. Few activities clear the mind as thoroughly as a game, even a solo game. Just give it a try. Even Solitaire qualifies.

Stakaa wooden game of skill that requires absolute concentration and a steady hand. If you play it on your own, there is something almost meditative about it: you dive into another world and forget for a moment the everyday worries.

4. games connect

Many current questions of key importance cannot even be answered by experts with certainty. Without doubt, however, we can strengthen each other with positive energy and presence. After all, we are social animals, and connectedness is the perfect complement to the hormone oxytocin, which promotes social interaction. Take your time, sit down and play a game. Let go as you are doing it and give others a good time. You will experience moments that you will remember forever.

Volle Kraft voraus!

Volle Kraft voraus! - a parlour game that is used in the family, with friends or in the classroom. The players get to know each other better, solve difficulties together and strengthen confidence in their own abilities. Developed by educators based on the latest neuroscientific research.

5. games awaken new passions

Those who use these times to familiarize themselves with new games could be surprised by their drive to play and their increasing joy of discovery. There is no doubt that games can awaken new passions. So, without setting expectations too high, pick a game that suits you and see where the journey leads. You don't need a manual for this. All you need is a simple, accessible and intuitive game that you can learn quickly and that you want to play over and over again. By the way, in these times the game can be quite cooperative!

Bandido - absolute bestseller and equally popular with young and old. The cooperative game can be learned in just 30 seconds - but it is relatively difficult to win. Because you can only win together, and every game set is different.


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